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Experts in active stables, vets, horsemen from Le Cadre Noir and horse owners are those who talk about it better than I do… They are telling their feelings about this new concept.

Saumur Equipassion, Julie Le Méliner, Makila d'Emra, bien-être animal
Ecurie active, plate-forme foin, bien-être animal
Ecurie active, Saumur Equipassion, poulain palomino
Pauline Bonavia, écurie active, cheval poisson
Pauline Bonavia, écurie active, cheval poisson
Pauline Bonavia, écurie active, cheval poisson

Arnaud Lallemand

Engineer in horse stables and lecturer at Université de Rennes about horse ethologydu cheval université de Rennes

Today, the question of well-being of horses is a major issue for riders. The relationship with the animal has become more important than results in competitions, it is part of it.

From the youngest age, riders discover what is the natural life of horses and they know them better thanks to this knowledge. With its active stable, Saumur Equipassion is innovating in offering to horses an appropriate life, but also in offering to children a different method of teaching, in which horses are considered as a sensitive being and a partner we respect, even in the way to host them and to feed them.

More than the innovating side of the Food Automatic Distributor controlled with a computer and transponders, the active stable is first of all contributing to the respect of the fundamental needs of horses like living in a group, having food based on hay and grass all day long and an incitement to a slow and continuous locomotion. Horses can thus have a balanced and quiet life in the group.

The organization of the active stable was born from thoughts from both Arnaud Lallemand (Horse Shop) and Julie who is a rider and a pedagogic teacher, in order to create the stables that correspond to Ile de Saule place, to kids and to the activities made in Saumur Equipassion.

A horse with a good mental and who feels comfortable in his or her body is also a more curious, a nicer and a more motivated horse to learn and communicate with his or her rider. Saumur Equipassion is the perfect place to develop another relationship with horses and ponies.

Saumur Equipassion is the first active stable in the Maine et Loire department. This way to host horses is present in about 20 places in France (more than 500 in Germany). This concept has benefits for horses, for riders who discover the animal in an appropriate environment but also for the director or the stables who takes advantage of adaptability and availability for riders. 

Active stables are tomorrow’s accommodation.

photo SUZ.jpg

Dr Suzanne Bougard-Brachet

Vet from 2001 ; 

International Vet from FEI

I am Saumur Equipassion’s vet, and so I have been able to follow each step of the entire active stable building.

It is clear that all the horses are in very good shape and that living together is going really well.

This innovating conception is made of several zones: hay, FAD etc, which forces horses to walk and move.

The Ethogram of horses is respected: there is no stereotyped horse, no horse in bad shape and so far, not a single stomach pain to mention.

Moreover, as the food is not given by humans, you can enter the fields without having all the horses around you, asking for their food, or even fighting. To conclude, this concept is really encouraging.


Benoît Pierre

Squire of Cadre Noir ; Riding teacher ; Eventing rider and coach ***

Whatever you do dressage, trek, eventing, show jumping etc, the access to performance is a long process full of difficulties.

Julie’s active stable seems to be a way to grant well-being to all the horses. Thanks to this, it is easier and safer to succeed and to have common projects: horses with riders.


Dr Isabelle Burgaud

Horse vet, osteopath, using acupuncture and phytotherapy

To me, the concept of Julie’s active stable has many benefits for the well-being of her horses. I have been able to observe that her ponies and horses have a good mental and are relaxed, even when they are not with the group for osteopathy, or acupuncture.

This way of life also grants a better recovery after the care because horses can directly walk as soon as it is finished and so it enlists the former dysfunctional zones.


Pauline Bonavia

Rideale’s owner ;

Riding teacher and eventing rider

The active stable is an amazing concept that allows to fit horses’ needs perfectly, and my mare quickly found her place.

Julie perfectly knows all the horses she hosts and is constantly innovating to improve her stables.

As an owner, I am totally satisfied and I feel relaxed when I leave this place.


Jeanne Ricouart

Propriétaire de Sage Way ; Université de Saumur ; Cavalière club en devenir

Cavalière depuis presque 18 ans et je fais mes études dans le milieu équestre et j'ai l'occasion de monter et de faire des stages dans toutes sortes de structures équestres. 

J'ai surtout remarqué la différence de mental entre les chevaux vivant en box et ceux vivant en pâture : ils sont bien mieux dans leur tête, sereins et disponibles.

Devenue propriétaire, je souhaitais impérativement mettre ma jument en pâture et le concept d'écurie active que Julie offre ne me fait en aucun cas regretter mon choix. Les chevaux vivent en troupeau dans plusieurs dizaines d'hectares et sont quasi autonomes.

Ce côté sain d'esprit se ressent clairement car j'ai une jeune pur sang de 5 ans toute juste réformée. Si je ne la travaille pas durant une semaine, je retrouve malgré tout une jument calme, appliquée et concentrée dans son travail. Elle est pourtant tondue ! 

Du fait d'être toujours en mouvement, les chevaux gardent aussi leur forme physique !

Je n'ai donc rien à redire sur ce concept d'écurie active si ce n'est que d'encourager vivement les centres équestres à opter pour ce genre de fonctionnement !

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